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The is the songwriting portfolio for Marsha Sims, that includes samples of her lyrics and songs. Hear her Christmas Song, Shepherd's Son.  It was co-written with Bernard Haisch.  Her poignant ballad about the Civil War, "Common Ground" co-written with Bernard Haisch, Paul Jefferson and Steve McClintock is also here.

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Common Ground Last Updated on 2010-01-03 22:00:54 Common Ground is a poignant civil war ballad still relevant today.   Common Ground   Verse:          Sergeant Woods from Ohio                     Saw a puff of rifle smoke                     And Private Sims from Georgia                     Had never shot a man before.                     But that Yankee fell,                     Not ten feet... More »
Shepherd's Son by Marsha Sims & Bernard Haisch Last Updated on 2009-12-30 00:00:00 Shepherd's Son, a new Christmas song and story based upon the Gospel of Matthew. A new "Little Drummer Boy" for the 21st century in which the Shepherd's Son, the youngest of Herod's soldiers becomes a hero. Marsha Sims, composer, arranger & singer. Bernard Haisch, lyricist. More »
Common Ground (lyrics & mp3) Last Updated on 2008-09-20 00:00:00         Common Ground  (play mp3)    Verse:         Sergeant Woods from Ohio         Saw a puff of rifle smoke         And Private Sims from Georgia         Had never shot a man before.         But that Yankee fell,         Not ten feet away. Verse:            The sergeant coughed and cleared his throat,         Reached up and grabbed that rebel's coat,         And said "Son, What's your name?         I'm gonna die but you ain't to blame.         It's a crazy thing,       ... More »